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The Invest in Women Entrepreneurs Initiative wants every woman entrepreneur to have the resources she needs to start and grow her business and build wealth.



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The REPORT: What women want in growth Financing

The results are in! Our latest survey, What Do Women Want in Growth Capital?, taken in partnership with WBEC-West & WBEC-Pacific, has been translated into a comprehensive report on not only what women want, but the huge economic impact they will have if they get it. Take a look!


The opportunity

There are more than twelve million women-owned businesses operating in the US, yet the US Small Business Administration's Office of Women's Business Ownership spends just $18 million on 100 Women's Business Centers (WBCs) that served 145,000 women in 2017. If these SBA funds were only doubled to $36 million, 300,000 women entrepreneurs would benefit, generating almost a million jobs and $5.4 billion in economic value for local communities. This would be a return on investment of $150 for every dollar spent.

Why invest in women entrepreneurs? Because we believe it's the best way to create wealth. We know that when women entrepreneurs get support through coaching, capital, and connections, they go on to build strong, sustainable businesses that create financial security, and fuel our economy.




The Invest in Women Entrepreneurs Initiative seeks to create wealth for women. Our mission is to significantly increase resources that support the growth of women-owned businesses by leveraging private, corporate, and government grants and capital. Through our network of women business leaders we are working together to fuel the success of women business owners. 


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