April 17 Newsflash

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  • Op-Ed in American Banker
  • Save the Date: June 1 lunch in San Francisco
  • New Steering Committee members
  • Internship Opportunity
  • Further Reading


We are thrilled to have our first Op-Ed published in the American Banker this week. Both steering Committee member Esther Morales, and Claudia made the case for directing government agencies and private banks to better target and support women-owned businesses: "Women entrepreneurs are the sleeping goddesses of our economy. When a woman business owner is successful, she buys a house and invests in her kids’ education. At the same time, her purchases, donations and taxes circulate locally." https://www.americanbanker.com/opinion/dont-overlook-women-owned-businesses


The Invest in Women Entrepreneurs Initiative will be hosting a lunch in San Francisco for our Sphere of Influencers to contribute to a strategic discussion to advance our I-WE goals of new funding for resources supporting women-owned business. Mark your calendars now for this Friday, June 1, 12pm-1:30pm gathering at the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center at 275 5th St. in San Francisco. Delicious sandwiches and homemade cookies included!


The I-WE Initiative would like to welcome two wise and talented new members to our Steering Committee:

  • Katie Vlietstra, who serves the National Association for the Self-Employed as Vice President for Government Relations and Public Affairs; and
  • Jane Campbell, who serves as Director of the Washington Office for the National Development Council


If you know of a talented student looking for a summer gig, please direct her to our new Summer Research Director position for the I-WE. Working remotely and receiving a $1,000 stipend, this intern will spend about 50 hours  researching the landscape of government support for women-owned businesses in the US as well as the correlation between homeownership and business capital for women. These issues were identified as important by our network members at our recent lunch meeting in DC. Check out this link for details on how to apply. 


  • Locally in San Francisco, the city government is pioneering a program that offers micro-grants to women business owners who wish to expand operations, finance new projects, make improvements to facilities and create additional marketing campaigns. Read more about the new Women's Entrepreneurship Fund here
  • 99designs recently published the results of their survey of 3,000 entrepreneurs. Their research lays out the challenges women entrepreneurs face in raising capital, but also shows some surprising similarities in industry distribution. Read more here

Stay tuned!

- Claudia